To create value, look at the data, says Logicalis

McKinsey’s research shows that data-driven businesses that create value for consumers through data will experience revenue growth, as these firms are 23 times more likely to acquire customers. For Mick McNeil, Vice President of Business Development at Logicalis, this means that companies must put data at the heart of digital transformation. It describes data-based transformation

How to avoid the cloud lock trap

Very few of us have benefited from the lockout periods of the pandemic. This limited our movements and choices, created uncertainty about what was going on and caused problems for the future. At least, however, these locks had a purpose. The same cannot be said of the technological lockdown, which creates the same problems. And

The cloud is changing data transformation

The traditional process of processing extraction, processing and loading (ETL) data is quickly undermined in a modern twist made possible by cloud technologies. The lower costs of the cloud, its flexibility and scalability, as well as the enormous processing capacity of cloud data warehouses have led to a major change: the ability to load all

Native cloud application security provider Snyk makes SA debut

Snyk, a native cloud application security provider, is now officially available in South Africa, enabling software-based businesses to grow rapidly and remain secure, officially launched in South Africa. The company says its native cloud application security platform provides secure development products that enhance the developer experience, integrate security policies and posture, and align with security

Ensuring cloud success at the Lesotho Revenue Authority

The Oracle upgrade project from the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) is at the heart of a major business modernization program. It seeks to improve customer services through smarter, state-of-the-art systems and solutions and meet world-class standards. The LRA found that the ERP solution implemented had limited functionality complemented by numerous manual processes and procedures. Several

Leading digital transformation with corporate architecture

Large organizations strive to achieve growth and success by expanding into new markets, developing new products and services, and participating in mergers and acquisitions. This has led even larger and more complex organizations with highly interconnected business units, both internally and externally, to think and operate in silos without sufficient collaboration. This is where enterprise

Switch to Google Cloud for a better SAP

Legacy SAP applications take on a new life as they migrate to Google’s cloud platform, providing businesses with increased speed, performance and cost savings. According to Digicloud Africa, Google’s cloud activation partner for Africa, and its partners across the continent, it’s the experience of companies migrating SAP to Google’s cloud platform, with a myriad of

Cisco rethinks Internet infrastructure for 5G’s future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Internet traffic increased from 25% to 45% in most parts of the world, fuelled by the explosion of video conferencing, online learning, remote health services, streaming, games, etc. According to Cisco, this is just a taste of the volume of traffic that will emerge in the era of 5G, with 29.3

Mazule fuels growth with Infor SunSystems and Sapphire Anywhere

The energy and minerals specialist chooses a new cloud financial services platform to address complexity and support expansion. Infor, the industry’s cloud company, announced today that mineral and energy trading company Mazule has chosen Infor SunSystems. The solution will be implemented by Sapphire Systems, Partner of Infor, and hosted on its SaaS Sapphire Anywhere platform.

Data protection, availability of data on major cloud platforms

Axiz announced the local availability of Veritas NetBackup v9, meeting the needs of local businesses for advanced data protection and availability in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Lee Williams, Veritas product manager at Axiz, says the latest version of Veritas V9 was launched on March 29 this year, providing a comprehensive solution to meet